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Эта страница страница помечена как находящиеся в процессе перевода с: 28 июня 2012.
Статью пометил сам автор статьи.

Узнайте, как моделировать различные виды ассетов, в рамках подготовки к их реализации в редакторе Sandbox.

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Основы создания ассетов
This document contains a list of tips and guidelines relating to modeling assets for the CryENGINE.
Создание материалов
Learn how to create a material file which specifies the texture and shader settings for a model in the CryENGINE.
Статические объекты
Learn how to create various types of static objects for use in the CryENGINE.
Разрушаемые ассеты
These documents contain information about the process of creating 2D, 3D, boolean, and pre-baked breakable objects.
Настройки UDP
List of UDP (User Defined Properties) for use in Max and Maya to change Physics Properties for Objects.
Learn about the special requirements of Smart Objects and how to create them.
Уровни детализации (LOD)
Learn how to create Level of Detail objects (LODs), they are used to improve the rendering performance of objects located far away from the camera picture plane.
Learn about the various techniques that are used to create vegetation objects.
This topic contains information about designing general and specific vehicles, for use in the Sandbox Editor.
This topic contains information about modeling weapons, as well as instructions for setting up third-person weapons.